What Openstack Will Change in Cloud Hosting Industry?

OpenStack cloud platform is an open sources platform that is free to use for every company and developer. This supports application development, modular schemes, multiple cloud computing platforms, and many features of administration and management of the cloud platforms.

Openstack will change the way to do cloud hosting business due to its amazing features, reliability, scalability, and effective usability. We take the example of existing licensing fee of different cloud platforms and other cloud computing applications that are not open source software. Cloud hosting service providers have to stick to the specified modules, specified functionalities, and specific conditions to remain locked-in; but with the advent of this amazing platform of cloud computing applications these boundaries would be unleashed and new dimensions of development and growth will increase.

Other than this, there would many features and functions which cannot be implemented on available proprietary platforms due to restrictions on the sources codes. OpenStack cloud platform would remove those boundaries and everybody and every cloud hosting provider would be free to change, modify, and add new features that are suitable for their business requirements. This opens virtually unlimited scope for growth and opportunities for future business in the domain of cloud hosting industry. That means, you can expect some incredible modules, components, applications, and business formulas in future as far as the cloud hosting industry is concerned.

OpenStack platform would reduce the cost and over head of the cloud hosting services because you do not have to pay the license or purchasing fee for buying cloud computing platforms. Meanwhile, you do not need to pay for any update releases or for any patch against some issues or problems found in real world operation of this software. You are almost free of platform charges; this will increase the competitiveness on the market place. The reduction is operational cost would help to reduce the prices of the cloud hosting services and thus making it desirable and useful service for end users. Reduced cost for cloud hosting services would leave very desirable and promising impact on the industry.

Another important factor that will get momentum is quality of services. The quality of the service would be only the factor that would get the better importance in cloud hosting services. All of the other features and characteristics would almost be available equally free of charge by the help of OpenStack cloud platform; only better quality of the product would always win the customers. Thus, quality of services would be maintained more vigorously. It will also be possible that many service providers would be great position to develop service specific applications that can cater their own service requirements. By doing this, the customers would get more specific and customized services rather than generalized ones.

Freedom and compatibility is another remarkable feature that cloud hosting industry would get from OpenStack software. Every hosting company would be free to use any software or application upon this platform because it supports all standard software and applications.

Thus, reliability and locked-in conditions would change tremendously in cloud hosting industry.

Author: Maria Dehn

Maria Dehn is a Writer at OpenStackServers.com. She has held editorial management positions for numerous print and Web publications. She has more than 17 years of Information Technologies and journalism experience and has written many books on cloud computing. She can be reached at [email protected]

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