How OpenStack Cloud Computing is Better than On-App?

OpenStack is very new product on the market place and there are many new things that are evolving; while on the hand, OnApp is more mature product and it is already being used and supported by some good customers. But the major difference between these two cloud computing platforms is full freedom and the cost.

OnApp is providing free version of cloud hosting service but it not good for a business user for many reasons and restrictions. The full version of OnApp is more accurate and highly featured but it is paid platform and need to pay regular monthly fee that incurs on your company. But, you do not need to pay any kind of payment or license fee in the case of OpenStack open source platform. You get full and final version of OpenStack software and there is no restriction of any kind. This is not true for OnApp cloud computing platform. If we compare the features with similar types of cloud platform i.e. free versions of both organizations then we would come to conclusion that OpenStack software is much better than OnApp cloud computing platform.

Free version of OnApp does not allow you to use more than one cloud while this restriction is not admissible in the case of OpenStack. You can configure and use as many as clouds you want; there is no limit or cap as such. OnApp free version has only capability to cater 16 cores while Open stack can handle as many as you like and this is logically unlimited. OnApp is limited to only Xen hypervisor as far as the free version is concerned. But, OpenStack is open and you can use any kind of hypervisor; you are never bound to any kind of proprietary software or infrastructure. This is a big plus against the OnApp cloud platform. This platform supports multiple hypervisors but in full and paid version. There are two types of supports thus free versions do not get support easily and they have install these software without any organized form of support. On the other side, OpenStack has a very well organized and systematic support available online through multiple ways.

You get OpenStack support online by professionally written manual and developers communities working for research and development as well as those who are using this software. Thus, customer support of OpenStack is amazing and effective as compared to that of OnApp cloud computing platform.

In OnApp, you cannot get access to new releases and patches that improve your security, stability, and reliability; you need to just remain content with what is given to you for free. While on OpenStack side you get full updates and release free of cost and even you can contribute to the application or the modules of the application independently. Therefore OpenStack is much better than OnApp in terms of getting updates, patches, and releases.

On the basis of above mentioned different features and qualities, we can say that the free version of OnApp is not better than that of OpenStack cloud computing platform.

Author: Maria Dehn

Maria Dehn is a Writer at She has held editorial management positions for numerous print and Web publications. She has more than 17 years of Information Technologies and journalism experience and has written many books on cloud computing. She can be reached at [email protected]

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