OpenStack Cloud Platform – A Fabulous Platform for Integrated and Comprehensive Solutions

OpenStack has been developed and subsequently launched recently to realize the dream of free cloud platform with open sources codes. Rackspace and NASA envisioned this great concept of open cloud platform that can provide the equal opportunities to every contributor to contribute and every user to benefit freely. OpenStack cloud platform is anticipated as the most resilient, reliable, scalable, and progressive cloud platform in the domain of cloud computing business.

OpenStack cloud platform is developed on the basis of modular scheme that is the fundamental part of any scalability, reliability, and future growth. OpenStack is a modular system that covers different parts and components of cloud computing technology. There are many great feature of OpenStack platform that are fundamentally required for a good platform. These fabulous features include the easy and efficient OpenStack dashboard that provides very easy and effective systems administrative features. On dashboard, an administrator can do many activities that are required for smooth operation and maintenance. Administrator can add, remove, and modify projects and users on the platform. At the same time it also allows the admin to define and manage the resources that are available for them very efficient way.

OpenStack has also ability for creating, launching, and managing multiple computing instances simultaneously. These instances can also be configured with networking and storage features. These instances are launched simultaneously and work very efficiently and independently. OpenStack is amazing open source platform that allows you to benefit from its highly featured components like storage module, compute module, and networking modules etc. As far as the administration of OpenStack cloud platform is concerned, it also provides you the efficiency to configure different levels of users as per their using authorities and level of privileges. You can create different users with different rights on the control panel. You can also allocate instances and resources to certain users to work with. This gives you much more security and freedom to use OpneStack in very effective way.

Compute component provides you the parity among different tier one hypervisor – this makes your experience very smooth to work with multiple hypervisors seamlessly. It supports high performance computing or HPC; it supports NetApp storage solutions, Nexenta and Solidfire etc. It has fabulous and functions pertaining to data storages and management. These functions make data more secure and reliable; this possesses amazing tools to safeguard degradation and corruption of data. Meanwhile, it possesses very sophisticated data disaster recovery mechanism.

Keystone module for OpenStack identity provides highly reliable features of log-in security mechanism and reliable authentication mechanism. It supports multiple log-in credentials in which a user name to provide different credential for authenticating himself or herself. Similarly, it can also provide great security to images of the data and other features pertaining to image data security. OpenStack cloud platform is very suitable for all level users like startups, medium size industries, and big size businesses. This is very flexible and scalable architecture that will prove to be the most exciting part of this platform.

The future of OpenStack cloud platform looks great in the light of above fabulous features.

Author: Maria Dehn

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