Why OpenStack Is Considered as the New Linux?

OpenStack cloud computing platform is considered as New Linux due to many reasons and similarity in the development history of these both platforms. One of the major common points between OpenStack and Linux development is similar type of vision. Both Linux and OpenStack were started to develop for every user at free of cost and provide equal opportunity everybody who can contribute to its development and growth.

The philosophy and vision behind the development of both projects is almost same. Second important thing that is very similar is the response from different critics; both of the projects have almost faced the similar type of criticisms and irony. This makes them very common on the domain of information technology. It was Linus Torvalds who started and worked to contribute to the philosophy that stated “Free software for all” – there were many criticism and mockeries that surfaced on the domain of business and research & development. Linus Torvalds was, at some place, called as crazy man; but the time proved that Linux is the major contributor of information technology at present. The development and progress of Linux is going uninterruptedly and nobody or boundary is going to stop it from moving forward in any conditions.

Concept and criticism are very common with both developments; but OpenStack has much better financial and technical support as compared to Linux development. This gives an edge to OpenStack cloud platform on the market place. OpenStack cloud platform is being supported by big companies and developers like NASA, Rackspace, and many other IT giants who are the platinum and gold members of the group of development. These are many corporate and startup sponsors who are also contributing financially to the development of OpenStack project.

Another common thing between OpenStack and Linux is the quick revisions and releases after they were once released on the market for public use. Linux observed many fast software releases once it was released for public use. The speed of development and enhancement was incredible and so is the case of OpenStack. OpenStack has witnessed more than 5 releases in just less than two years time – many reputed and well known companies are implementing it into their networks. This is another similar part of both platforms that they share in common.

OpenStack has many new features but one of the most promising features of this platform is its adaptability and acceptability of growth and change. OpenStack is open to everybody and that makes it similar to the Linux, which was also very open would accept every good thing that it received from any developer on the globe.

Rapid growth of development teams is another common feature of these two platforms. Linux found many contributor companies and developers once it was released. These companies and developers contributed to the system very affluently and thus it became the richest operating system on the arena of information technology. OpenStack has also got big teams and companies that contribute to it; it is very clear that OpenStack would soon be as popular as Linux is.

Author: Maria Dehn

Maria Dehn is a Writer at OpenStackServers.com. She has held editorial management positions for numerous print and Web publications. She has more than 17 years of Information Technologies and journalism experience and has written many books on cloud computing. She can be reached at [email protected]

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