Rackspace Cloud Monitoring On-Ramp To Future

Rackspace Cloud Monitoring On-Ramp To Future
On the heals of Rackspace Inc.'s last announcement on the OpenStack private cloud tool, Rackspace is at it again, this time with a public cloud monitoring platform. The aptly named “Rackspace Cloud Monitoring” software is designed to be a scalable …
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Raf Los: Extend IT security to its mature state of enterprise resiliency
Because of this architecture that we've had, if you choose to get one other partner to back up what you have with us, pick a partner that's got the same OpenStack platform and the same models. It's not going to be hard. There are lots of them out there.
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OpenStack Clouds Cost up to 23 Times More than OnApp Clouds, New Report
The Cloud Spectator report, Implementing and Running Your Own Cloud Service: OnApp vs OpenStack, compares the OnApp and OpenStack cloud management platforms, with a particular focus on the needs of service providers looking to build their own …
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