Rackspace Debuts OpenStack Cloud Servers

Rackspace Debuts OpenStack Cloud Servers
NET and PHP hosting, all with associated management and monitoring services. Starting Wednesday, when new customers log into Rackspace to requisition servers, they will interact with Rackspace Open Cloud services, which is based on the OpenStack …
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Rackspace debuts OpenStack cloud servers
Following a four-month beta period, Rackspace has started offering its hosted servers and databases using the open source OpenStack suite of cloud software. That OpenStack has been pressed into production use just two years after its launch, "is a …
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Rackspace, HP go all in with OpenStack
Even though Rackspace is rolling out new OpenStack-powered offerings, the company will continue to offer customers use of its legacy cloud computing and managed hosting system, which is not sourced from OpenStack. Engates says Rackspace will not …
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Author: Maria Dehn

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