Rackspace OpenStack: Customers want build-you-own-cloud options

Rackspace OpenStack: Customers want build-you-own-cloud options
Rackspace is finally rolling out OpenStack-based cloud services to its customers. The cloud provider hopes the freedom offered by the open source platform, which contrasts sharply with the proprietary back-end systems of providers like Amazon Web …
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Rackspace CEO Napier: what's good for us is good for OpenStack
The big OpenStack news in recent weeks was the revelation that for the past few months eBay has been running a production Cloud built on the OpenStack open source platform. It's the kind of high profile deployment that Rackspace CEO Latham Napier is …
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EBay Puts Big Bid on OpenStack
OpenStack, the open source “cloud operating system,” has stirred community excitement and attracted a vendor following, including Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, and Red Hat. But until now one thing has been lacking: A high-profile corporate customer willing to …
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Author: Maria Dehn

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