SUSE releases OpenStack-powered cloud distribution

SUSE releases OpenStack-powered cloud distribution
SUSE has announced the introduction of SUSE Cloud, the company's own distribution of OpenStack. The Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering enables organisations to set up their own local cloud instance that behaves similarly to public cloud …
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Piston Cloud Airframe — A Free Starter Package For Building An OpenStack Cloud
Piston Cloud has built a free OpenStack distribution that is promised to include what is needed to evaluate the open cloud environment. kAm%@ C62==J 4C62E6 2 [email protected] 6?G:[email protected]?>6?E 2?5 [email protected] >2<6 :E FD67F=[ [email protected] 42?VE 92G6 :E 56A6?56?E @?
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