Who Support and Finance OpenStack Project?

Funding is always very vital factor that for any kind of research and development. The research and development for OpenStack project started Rackspace cloud hosting services provider and NASA. The funding of this project was primarily provided by the founding members and to start with. But main and official funding sources of OpenStack cloud computing platform development are member companies, which contribute in accordance with their category of membership of status of membership and level of sponsorships. The names of these memberships are platinum membership and Gold membership; while on the other hand the sponsorships are categorized into corporate sponsorship and startup sponsorship.

These memberships are governed by certain regulation documents about the usage, withdrawal from the membership, renewal of the same, and many other factors pertaining to the teams and project governance. A platinum member has to pay annual fee or contribution to the project as much as $500,000; this amount is compulsory to be paid for at least three years. Any member can withdraw from this project in the light of rules and regulations defined in governance documents. On the other hand ‘Gold Membership’ has to pay according the rule in which, company has to contribute to OpenStack project at as much as 0.025% of its total revenue of the company with a minimum contribution cap of $50,000. Gold member has to pay according to above mentioned percentage or the maximum of $200,000. Platinum members are also responsible to provide the resources available with them, which may be required for testing and development purposes.

Other forms of contribution to this project are made by corporate sponsors and startup sponsors. They contribute predefined fees or donation to the foundation fund. For example, a corporate sponsor pays $25,000 per annum while the contribution of a startup sponsor company is as much as $10,000 per year. There are certain rules and regulations for each and every contributor in the fund of OpenStack foundation. These rules also define the benefits and privileges of every member and their status in the organization hierarchy. These members also get some benefits from by associated and contributing to the foundation funds. For example, corporate sponsor can use OpenStack logo for limited commercial uses on their website and their other commercial activities. They get right to make profile on OpenStack.org and also can add logo and support section on their websites showing their support to OpenStack development.

Similarly, startup sponsors have also almost similar types of rights with certain limitations described in the foundation documents. These companies have also opportunity to be included into the newsletters of OpenStack project.

On the other hand, platinum and gold members have more rights and hierarchical status as compared to sponsor members and contributors.  These members have right to contribute into the development, testing, and many other processes They are also responsible for legal matters and many other issue like development and contribution to CLA process.

Therefore, the major financial contributors and the supporter in each and every processes of research and development of OpenStack software are platinum and gold members of OpenStack.org.