Exploring the Firewall Security Consistency in Cloud Computing during Live Migration

lenges to the cloud computing paradigm. Resource manage- ment can be efficiently enhanced by employing Live Virtual. Machine Migration (LVMM) …


Emerging technologies are poking holes in security

Accelerated change challenges change management, security DevOps and emerging technologies that enable business innovation and opportunities demand fast, frequent change from the enterprise. The speed and regularity as well as the kinds of change challenge change management and ultimately security.

To secure the enterprise in environments of unwieldy change, the business needs to know how each new technology affects change management and the organization’s security defenses.

Organizations can then begin to evolve change management and security to close those gaps and avoid impacts on security.

Emerging technologies such as DevOps, IoT, automation/intelligent software, information technology service partnering, cloud computing and BYOD all straighten out the curves in the race to make changes that propel the enterprise forward.

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